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Tuning Parts

Short Manifolds

High quality short manifold for 8V 1.9TDI transverse engines. To fit GTB1756vk, GTB2056vk and GTB2260vk and hybrids based on the above turbos much cheaper alternative to tubular manifolds with the advantage of much quicker spool. Ideal for budget - daily driving applications where quick spool is the priority. Lifetime warranty against cracking. It holds turbo very close to stock position.

Tubular Manifolds

Top quality tubular manifold for 8V 1.9TDI transverse engines. To fit GTB1756vk, GTB2056vk and GTB2260vk and hybrids based on the above turbos. This manifold comes with lifetime warranty against cracks. - turbo flange and collector made from billet steel 316L - only seamless elbows are used - turbo will sit exactly in stock position so stock downpipe and intake pipe can be used (with proper flange and adapter) as well as stock oil return - EGT probe port already in the collector - the manifold is welded by highly qualified fabricator with a lot of experience in welding manifolds and fitting GTB turbos It's going to fit the following vehicles: Volkswagen Golf mk4 / 5 Volkswagen Jetta Volkswagen Bora Volkswagen Polo 9N / 9N2 / 9N3 Audi A3 8L / 8P Seat Ibiza Mk3 / Mk4 Seat Cordoba Seat Leon 1M / 1P Seat Toledo Skoda Octavia Mk1 / Mk2 Skoda Fabia Mk1

EBC Brake upgrades

EBC Brakes manufacture EBC brake pads and EBC discs for a large range of daily driver, performance road, trackday and race cars. EBC Brakes have the world's largest range of disc brake pads, and they manufacture brake pads for the majority of make and models of car on UK roads. The comprehensive range of EBC brake pads and brake discs, along with the choice of brake pad compounds, means there's an EBC brake set up to suit all types of driving style. To complement the EBC brake disc and EBC brake pad ranges, EBC also manufacture a high performance brake fluid - ideal for completing a brake upgrade. EBC Brakes manufacture quality products for the discerning buyer, so that when you buy an EBC Brakes product you can be sure you are getting the best performance, and value, brake parts.

Spax Coilover suspension upgrades

Height And Damping Adjustable Coilover Kits Stainless Steel Height Adjusters Krypton Gas Pressurised Dampers Race Type 2.25 Inch Coil Springs High Quality Components Used Throughout Spax RSX Coilover Suspension Kit - Adjustable Ride Height, Adjustable Damping Spax RSX Coilover Suspension Kits contain uprated, 28 stage on-car adjustable dampers with stainless steel height adjustable platforms, matched to a set of chrome-silicon race type, uprated coil springs. Spax engineers have developed these kits to produce total control and razor sharp handling. The height adjustment on the RSX kits allows you to set the corner weights of your car, which means you can control the weight distribution, improving the balance and the grip of the car. The adjustable Krypton gas filled dampers allow the suspension set up to be altered perfectly to suit personal preferences of driving style. The result is maximum cornering speed and traction, minimum braking distance and roll. Low speed performance is compliant and offers great feedback, high speed performance is ultra stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved. Because the RSX kits are adjustable for ride height and damping on the car with no dismantling, they are ideal for fast road use, trackdays and show cars. The car's ride height and damping can be adjusted in minutes transforming the handling from daily-driver to track machine or show car in minutes. Spax RSX kits are designed, manufactured and tested to the strictest German TUV quality standards, using technology developed on the race tracks of the world. Each and every RSX damper is fully Dyno Tested to ensure you get 100% performance and quality, guaranteed. RSX dampers and springs are epoxy powder coated and oven cured for second to none looks and extra long life. The stainless steel height adjusters ensure a long, trouble free life. Proudly made in Britain.