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Merc A250 AMG Remapping by Holt Road Tuning

Holt Road Tuning Remapping a 2016 RS7 Via OBD

AUDI RS7 By Holt road tuning


Ecu Remapping And Performance Car Upgrade centre

ECU Remapping

  • All of our remaps are designed around maximising performance and economy from your vehicle.
  • Whether you are wanting more power, Economy or the best of both then we have a solution for you.
  • We offer staged remaps for standard vehicles and fully bespoke remapping solutions for already modified cars

DPF Solutions

  • We Have 3 main Solutions available to assist you and your Vehicle
  • 1) DPF replacement ( we are very competitive on price and guarantee all of our work)
  • 2)DPF Cleaning ( this process still requires the DPF to be removed and then it is ultrasonically in our specially designed cleaning chamber
  • 3) DPF Modification (this is carried out by remapping the cars ECU followed by modifying the DPF filter to prevent the regeneration cycle and the filter from ever blocking again)

Garage Services

  • We have an in-house team of mechanics that are all fully qualified when it comes to offering Tuning upgrades such as 6 Paddle clutches, Firad Injectors, intercooler upgrades and much more.
  • for all enquires regarding hardware upgrades then please call us or contact us through our contacts page.